Friday - Feb 28, 2020

Citi Launched “Citi Smart Savings” Similar to Amex Offers – How To Access Them?

We cover a lot about the Amex offers to save/make money. Citi bank wants to join the party and compete with Amex (and Bank of America- BankAmerideals).

Citi’s version of Amex offers is called – “Citi Smart Savings“.  Looks like, Citi is slowly rolling out this new feature to its members, not everyone has access to “Citi Smart Savings“.  You may not see this new benefit for your account – but it could be available to you very soon.


How to Access Citi Smart Savings?

Once you login to your Citi online for credit cards, you can find “Offers for you” on the right side of the screen or any credit.



Once you click “Offers for You“, you can find “Citi Smart Savings”  if your credit card is eligible for Smart Savings.  If you do not see the Citi Smart Savings for that specific card, you should check for other cards.




What are the offers available?

Here are the offers available as of today.




Citi Smart Savings” is slightly different compared to “Amex Offers”. You  get a % cashback with an upper limit, this can be useful as you do not need to spend a certain amount to get cashback.




Can we add the offers to all cards?

At this time, it is not known exactly if these offers can be added to multiple cards.  Right now, I am able to add the offers to only one of the 5 Citi cards.

I will do a few experiments to check if the offers can be replicated on to multiple cards.



Citi launched “Citi Smart Savings” to compete with Amex Offers and Bank Amerideals. At this time, not all members have access to Citi Smart Savings, but it should be available soon.

“Citi Smart Savings” offers cashback as a percentage of your purchase with an upper limit.


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