Friday - Jan 17, 2020

Here is a Christmas gift: Hurry up and grab tickets to India for less than $350

Merry Christmas! Here is an amazing flight deal for travel to India. Etihad is offering rock bottom prices for travel from USA to India/UAE…

Here are few sample itineraries 

Chicago to Mumbai for $291.37 round trip

Chicago to Mumbai for $291.37 round trip


Chicago to Hyderabad for $339

Chicago to Hyderabad for $339 round trip

Chicago to Delhi for $325.73 round trip

New York to Delhi for $325.73 round trip

Things to know:

  • This deal will not last long, You can a book a ticket with booking site like Orbitz, Expedia and may be able to cancel within 24 hours at no cost, giving you time to think about the plan.
  • You may initially see a higher price, but once you select the fare, you could see a lower price.
  • This appears to be available for travel in Jan/Feb-2015 for Wednesday, Thursday departures and  valid for trips originating from USA only.
  • It may be possible that Etihad will not honor these prices, but this is certainly worth a shot.


If you are thinking of a trip to India in the near future, this is a great opportunity to grab a seat at very low cost.

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