Monday - Dec 17, 2018

Check your mails before throwing in to Recycle bin

I would like to remind our readers about the golden nuggets hidden in your mails. I always noticed that banks send out targeted offers to attract new customers, and most likely the offer you received is more attractive than publicly available offer.

Here are a couple of examples

Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card has a signup bonus of 25,000 miles open to every one. But, Bank of America is sending out targeted offers with a signup bonus of as high as 50,000 miles. Here is one of the targeted offer



Your targeted offer will give you 5,000 more miles


American Express Premier Rewards Gold card has a public offer of 25,000 Membership rewards points, but Amex has been sending out targeted offers to attract new customers.


50,000 American Express Premier Rewards Gold card

50,000 American Express Premier Rewards Gold card


These are just a couple of examples. American Express sends out 100,000 points targeted offer for signing up for its Platinum Card and similarly many other banks do.




Banks send out targeted offers through mail and email (sometimes) to attract new customers, so it is suggested to check your mails before throwing the mail in to shredder

Few folks have reported getting targeted offers as high as 100,000 points for some premium cards.


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