Monday - May 20, 2019

Cashback From Discover’s Double Cashback Promotion is Here

Back in mid 2015, Discover announced the Double cashback promotion for new card holders. There was also a small window for the existing card holders to sign up.

Discover it card holders get double cashback, while Discover it Miles card holders get double miles.



We are now in July, 2016 – which means 12 billing cycles are complete. I have received cashback match for the last 12 months.

This included cashback from Purchases, Discover deals, 10% cashback for using Discover card with Apple Pay and cashback from referrals.



Keep an eye on your statements for the cashback amount.


Cashback from Discover’s Double cashback promotion is now being credited to the accounts.

This cashback is matched for all purchases, cashback from Discover deals, Apple Pay promotion and referral bonus.


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