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Buy AA Miles : Get Up To 115,000 Bonus Miles

After the devaluation of the AAdvantage program, here is the promotion to buy AA miles.

Through Apr 28, 2016, you can get up to 115,000 bonus miles when you buy AA miles. The number of bonus miles depends on the number of miles you purchase.


To earn the full 115,000 bonus miles, you need to buy a the maximum, which is 150,000 AAdvantage miles. You will pay $2,884.13 for 265,000 miles (includes 115,000 bonus miles ) This equates to  about 1.81 cents/mile.



If you are not looking to purchase the full 150,000 miles, the sweets spots to purchase would be 125,000, 100,000, 85,000 etc, as the cost per mile would be less. Here is the table showing you the cost per miles at all the slabs.



1.81 cents per mile is a decent offer, however, there was similar offer in the past before the devaluation.


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Etihad Airways, British Airways & Qatar Airways awards can be booked using AAdvantage miles. To travel to India on an award ticket, here is what you need.

  • 40K miles for a one way economy award
  • 70K miles for a one way Business award
  • 115K miles for a one way first class award

But British Airways adds fuel surcharges, award availability with Qatar can be a challenge, especially in premium cabins in the near future. Etihad Airways tend to release good amount of award availability (even when the travel date is closer).

You can also book Cathay Pacific awards, however it needs two separate awards as per the rules of AAdvantage for traveling to India on trans-pacific routes, which means you need 62,500 miles for a one-way economy, 110,000 miles for a one-way business class award to India and 160,000 miles for a one way first class award to India.

If you buy miles during this promotion, for a First class award (Transatlantic) to India, you need a total of 115,000 miles and will cost you $2,408.44 plus taxes & fees.



for a Business class award to India, you need a total 70,000 miles  and will cost you $1,552.20 + plus taxes & fees.



It does not make sense to make buy miles for an economy award (revenue ticket earns miles and are not subject to availability)

Business class and First class awards purchased by buying AA miles are costlier than economy fare. But, if you already have a few miles in your AAdvantage account – the math may be in your favor.


  • American Airlines will let you hold award tickets
    • Hold for 5 days when you book 15 – 330 days before departure
    • Hold for 1 day when you book 1 – 14 days before departure
    • Hold up to 2 hours before departure when you book within 24 hours of departure
  • You can hold the award ticket (if available) and then buy miles – Miles will post immediately  after your payment is authorized.
  • If you need to travel from Los Angeles, but found an award from SFO, You can connect through American Airlines from Los Angeles to San Francisco and then on to Etihad flight for the same amount of miles.


  • Miles purchase transactions are nonrefundable and non reversible
  • You cannot earn miles on award tickets.
  • AAdvantage account must be at least 30 days old to buy miles
  • You can only purchase a maximum of 150,000 miles in a calendar year
  • Check round trip prices and do the math, before deciding the plan.
  • Include the taxes & fees in your evaluation. A round trip award to India would cost you approximately $60 USD for an award ticket with Etihad. (BA taxes & fees are higher)


Through Apr 28, 2016, you can get up to 115,000 bonus miles when you buy AA miles. You need to purchase the maximum allowed 150,000 miles for 115,000 bonus miles.

Purchase miles only if you have plan to use them in the near future, there is always an offer around the corner.

You can use our complimentary award travel booking service to find the award seats for you.


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