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Amex Serve to restrict online Credit card loads

One of the great feature of Amex Serve is the ability to load $200/day (limited to $1000/month) using credit cards. Starting April 16, 2015,  loading Serve is only allowed with American Express Credit cards, you will not be able to load with Visa, Master Card or Discover credit cards.

This is one of the simplest method to meet credit card minimum spending and is effortless to spend $1,000 per month.



What does it mean?

  • You can still complete your credit card loads for the month of Apr-2015, but you need to complete on or before Apr-15-2015.


  • After Apr-15- 2015, you can still load serve with American Express Credit cards, but the downside is, this spending will not earn points, but counts towards any minimum spending requirements.



You may still earn points with Amex cards issued by  other banks.

You may still earn points with Amex cards issued by other banks.


What are the other options?

You can still use Serve card for loading Visa gift cards at Walmart.  We will write another detailed post on how to load gift cards to Serve. However, Visa gift cards comes with a fee of $4 to $7.

You can switch to Target REDcard. This is a fairly new product similar to Amex Serve, but Target allows you to load upto $5,000 per month using Credit cards (this may change in the future), so you can spend up to $5000 per month on your Credit card.


Switch to REDcard could be an option

Switching to REDcard could be an option


However, REDcard is only available at participating Target Stores and is limited to certain states. If you do happen to find a REDcard, you can buy a temporary REDcard in store. Close your Serve account and register for a permanent REDcard online.

Note that you can only have any one of these 3 products Serve, Bluebird, REDcard


Starting April 16, 2015 Amex Serve will not allow Visa, Master Card and Discover cards for online Credit card loads. only American Express credit cards are allowed.

REDcard may be a good alternate choice, if you can find one. Otherwise, you can still use Serve for loading visa gift cards at Walmart.


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