Friday - Feb 22, 2019

Amex Restricts Small Business Cards Signup Bonuses and 75K Bonus Points With Amex Business Gold Rewards Card

Here is another new development with the American Express. So far, sign up bonuses  for American Express personal cards are not available “If you have or have had this product“.

Now American Express has added the same language to its small business credit cards. We used to be able to get the signup bonus as long as we had not had that small business card in the last 12 months.  Now, the sign up bonus is available only once in a life time.  This is a big blow to all of us (and probably Amex).



Caution: Some of the landing pages are still showing old terms. You will see the updated terms, when you click “Apply”


Amex Business Gold Rewards 75K offer:

If you never had Amex Business Gold Rewards card, you can get 75K bonus Membership reward points when you sign up and spend $10,000 or more in eligible purchases within 3 months.

Annual fee is $175 and it is waived for the first year.


Note that the landing page is still showing the old terms for the bonus offer, it will change once you click “Apply”



Amex is now restricting sign up bonuses for small business credit cards to “once in a life time”.  In the past, we could get the sign up bonus again for small business credit cards, as long as we have not had the card in the last 12 months.

For a limited time, you can get 75,000 bonus points with American Express Business Gold Rewards card when you sign up and spend $10,000 or more in eligible purchases within 3 months.


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