Thursday - Feb 27, 2020

Amex Gave Me $10 Credit For the Cable & Cell Phone Bill Offer? (I Have Not Paid Any Bill)

I just noticed $10 statement credits across some of my Amex cards. As I was not expecting any credits, I looked for the details and found that the offer was issued for “Cable offer



Couple of days ago, there was a new Amex offer offering statement credit for using Amex card to pay cable bill.




It does not end there, there is also a statement credit for the Cell Phone bill offer. I did not see this credit on all of my cards yet, hopefully they post to other cards also.


Cell Phone -1


It is interesting, as I got only one $10 statement credit, even though the offer allows 2X $10 statement credits.  You may want to check your account, if you have received the credits.


Cable Redeem


I expect a letter from American Express explaining why the credit is issued, mean while enjoy the Halloween treat from American Express.



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