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Amex Express Checkout: Get $10 Statement Credit Per Each Amex Card

American Express has launched Amex Express Checkout promising faster and safer online shopping experience. You just need to login to your Amex account and the payment details will be taken from your profile.


New way to enhance your shopping experience.

New way to enhance your shopping experience.


Through 09/07/2015, Amex will give $10 statement credit per card per merchant when you use Amex Checkout at participating online retailers.  There seems to be no minimum purchase requirement (I will confirm shortly once I receive credits)


Amex Checkout is available with select retailers

Amex Checkout is available with select retailers


Participating merchants that accept Amex Express Checkout


Out of all the participating retailers, Newegg and Ticketmaster may offer best value. Keep in mind that Amex Checkout may be introduced with other retailers before 09/07/2015.


  • You can buy items less than $10 and make some profit.


  • You may consider items that offer rebate.


  • Newegg sells Third-party gift cards like Kohls, Groupon in $10 denominations. I will confirm shortly if I received credit for buying the Gift cards.


Newegg sells third-party gift cards

Newegg sells third-party gift cards


How to use Amex Express Checkout on Newegg.com ?

1. Add item to your card as you would normally do.

2.  Once you added all the items to the cart, you “Amex Express Checkout”


Select Amex Express Checkout

Select Amex Express Checkout


3. You will be prompted to enter your American Express online login details


Your Amex online login details

Your Amex online login details


4. If you have multiple cards, you will be asked to select the card you would like to use.

5. You may be asked to verify your account. A one time access code will be sent to your email on profile.

6. Payment details are automatically populated and you can submit the order.




American Express has introduced Amex Express Checkout – a new fast & secure way to complete your shopping.  Through 09/07/2015, you can get $10 statement credit per card per retailer when you use Amex Express Checkout at participating online retailers.

I will post an update as soon as I have confirmation that the gift purchase sat Newegg are triggering the credit. All American Express issued credit cards are eligible. Prepaid cards, gift cards are not eligible for $10 statement credit.


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