Thursday - May 28, 2020

American Express Now Offering Free FICO Credit Score from Experian

American Express is now offering free FICO score from Experian. This information is only available to the primary card holder and will only show his/her score.

Right now, you see only 2 data points of credit score, we may expect Amex to provide historical trend.

How to opt-in?

1. Once you login to your Amex online account, look for the new link “MY Free FICO Score


Amex Fico


2. Agree to the terms & conditions

Step 2


3. That’s it, you will see your FICO credit score from Experian. Note that this is not your FICO as of current moment, this will be updated on a regular basis.


Credit Score



If you are an Amex card holder, You can now get Free FICO score from Experian. Login to your Amex online account and opt-in to find your FICO credit score.

If you have multiple online profiles with Amex, you will find this offer on only one profile and most likely on the oldest account.


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