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Amazing Deal: Get Up to 30% Cashback With Apple Pay and Discover

Apple is launching its new mobile operating system iOS 9 on September 16th 2015. One of the main feature of iOS9 will be Discover cards to support Apple Pay.


So far, Apple Pay is compatible with Visa, MasterCard and Amex only. As Discover is late to the party, Discover is offering an additional 10% back in rewards on  purchases up to $10,000, when you use Discover card with Apple Pay for in-store purchases between Sep 16 and Dec 31, 2015 at participating retailers.



Apple Pay


What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a touch less mobile payment and digital wallet service. You can load your debit/credit cards to Apple Pay and pay at participating retailers. Apple Pay works on the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.


What are the requirements to use Apple Pay?

You need to have iPhone 6 or better to use Apple Pay. Here is chart that explains the devices compatible with Apple Pay.


Compatible Devices


To be able to use Apple Pay with Apple Watch, you must have an Apple watch paired with Iphone5 or better.


What is the promotion?

Discover will give you 10% cash back when you use Discover card with Apple Pay for purchases at participating stores. You can get the 10% cashback on purchase up to $10,000.


The most amazing part………..

It get even better, this 10% cashback is in addition to the regular cashback. For example, Macy’s accepts Apple Pay and per the Discover quarterly calendar, you can earn 5% cashback on purchases made at Department stores (up to $1,500 per quarter). So, you could get 5% for spending in 5% bonus categories and an additional 10% cashback if you use apple pay.


If you have enrolled in the Double Cashback promotion or get a new discover card, Discover will double the cashback you earned during the first 12 statements. To sum it, If you make a purchase at Macy’s you can earn a total of 30% cashback (10% for using apple pay + 5% for making purchase on bonus categories + 15% after 12 months for participating in double cashback)


  • If you make purchase at a store that offers 1% cashback, you can earn 22% cashback (10% for using apple pay + 1% for purchases on non-bonus categories + 11% from Double Cashback promotion)


  • If you did not enroll in the Double cashback promotion or cannot apply for a new card, you can earn a total of 11%.


  • If you have Discover Miles credit card, you can earn 23 miles per dollar (10 miles for using Apple Pay + 1.5 miles per dollar on purchases + double miles for new card members)


Where can you use Apple Pay?

Right now, you can use Apple Pay at the several retailers and many other retailers will be joining soon.

Some of the retailers that accept pay:





Upcoming retailers:





What if you do not have an iPhone?

If you do not have an iPhone, you may consider getting an iPhone 6 or better. This promotion pays for itself. You can find better deals on ebay/Amazon for iPhone 6 or 6 plus as folks tends to dump the existing ones for upcoming models.


Stay tuned for another post to the following questions:


  • Can you add your credit card to another Apple Pay account?


  • How many Discover cards can you add to an Apple Pay account?


  • Stores that sell Pin enabled gift cards.



  • If you maximize this promotion by spending $10,000 with your Discover card through Apple Pay. You can get more than $2,000 plus in cashback.


  • If you can find a store that sells Pin Enabled Visa/MasterCard gift cards and allows purchase Apple Pay, you can earn some free money.



  • You can get another Discover card as long as your existing card is 12 months old and you cannot have more 2 accounts with Discover.


Things you should know:

  • This promotion is valid for in-store purchases only.
  • iOS9 will be available for download on Sep 16, 2015





Discover will start supporting Apple Pay on Sep 16th, 2015 with the launch date for Apple iOS9. Through Dec 31, 2015, you can get 10% additional cashback on purchases, when you use Discover card with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is accepted by select merchants and the list expanding. This promotion has a potential to earn more than $2,000 for new card holders and for existing card holders who signed up for Double Cashback promotion.

To take full advantage, You may consider purchasing pin enabled Visa/MasterCard gift cards with Discover cards at merchants that accept Apple Pay.


Disclaimer:  Links mentioned in this post do not earn us any commission.

Editorial Note: Opinions, analysis and any calculations shown are authors alone. Information in this post is not reviewed, approved and endorsed by any airlines, frequent flyer programs or financial institutions

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