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Airline Miles Expiration rules and how to extend their validity

Airline Miles are earned in many different ways – Flying, Credit card bonus and spend, buy points, promotions etc.. Most Airlines have rules regarding the expiration of the miles.



In this post, we will cover the expiration rules for some of the major airlines that fly from/to India on International routes. we will also look at the methods of extending the validity if permitted within the rules.


 Airline/Frequent Flyer Program  Miles Expiration rule
Air India/Flying Returns

Flying Returns miles shall be valid for redemption during the year of accrual and three subsequent calendar years.

For example: Miles accrued in 2015 shall be valid up to 31st December 2018

British Airways/Executive Club

Your Avios stay with you as long as you collect, spend, purchase or share at least one Avios every 36 months.

Cathay Pacific/Asia Miles

Asia Miles are valid for three years from the month the mileage is credited.

For Example: Miles earned on Jan-15-2015 will expire on Jan-31-2018.


Your Skywards Miles are valid for three years from the date your earning activity is completed. Within the calendar year that Skywards Miles are due to expire, they will be removed from your account at the end of the month in which you were born.

For example: If you earned Miles in June 2012 and your birthday is in August, these Miles will expire on 31st August 2015

Etihad Airways/ Etihad Guest Etihad Guest Miles expire on the last day of the month in which they were earned. The timeline of expiry for Etihad Guest Miles is associated to a member’s Etihad Guest tier level.If you are a Etihad Guest member, Miles earned on Jan-15-2015 will expire on Jan-31-2017.

Etihad Guest 2 years from date of activity
Etihad Guest Silver 2 and a half years from date of activity
Etihad Guest Gold 3 years from date of activity
Etihad Guest Platinum 3 years from date of activity


Jet Airways/ Jet Privilege JPMiles are valid for a little over 3 years, up to the end of the thirteenth quarter from the quarter in which they were earned.For Example: Miles earned in Jan-2015 are valid through Mar-31-2018.
Japan Airlines/JAL Mileage Bank

Mileage will be valid through the last day of the 36th month following the month of transaction.

For Example: Miles earned on Jan-15-2015 are valid through Jan-31-2018

Lufthansa/ Miles & More Award miles remain valid for 36 months from the date of the activity and expire at the end of the quarter. Members who hold the Frequent Traveller, Senator or HON Circle Member status are not effected by this rule.

For Example: Miles earned on Jan-15-2015 are valid through Mar-31-2018.

Malaysian Airlines/Enrich Enrich Miles are valid for the year in which they are earned plus an additional 3 years and will expire at the end of the month of the third year.

For example, Enrich Miles credited into an Account on January -15-2015 will expire on January-31-2018

Singapore Airlines/KrisFlyer Your KrisFlyer miles are valid for three years (or one year for miles earned from contests)

For example: Enrich Miles credited into an Account on January -15-2015 will expire on January-31-2018

United Airlines/Mileage Plus Miles accrued shall only be subject to expiration on the last day of the eighteen (18) months after the last account activity in the member’s account

For example: Miles credited into an Account on January -15-2015 will expire on July-31-2016 if there is no activity.


How to prevent your miles from expiring?


Miles that are due to expire or have lapsed for the first time may be extended for a period of 12 months from the expiry date. Members have to submit the written request for such validity extension. Validity of miles will be extended upon a nominal fee as set by Air India from time to time. (currently INR 0.10 per mile)


British Airways

You can earn/spend/buy/share Avios in the last 36 months to prevent your Avios from expiring. British Airways has one of the best policy in this regard.

You can collect Avios in many ways

  • fly with British Airways or one of partner airlines
  • stay in a hotel or book a holiday
  • rent a car
  • use a British Airways credit card
  • Transfer Amex Membership Reward points/Chase Ultimate Rewards/SPG points to BA Avios.


Cathay Pacific

Asia Miles must be used by redeeming awards before their expiry. Alternatively, they can be renewed for another three years or transferred to a redemption group member for a service fee

Prior to the expiry of your Asia Miles, you can renew them in blocks of 2,000 miles, and each block renewal will be charged (online: USD40; other channels: USD100).



There is no option to pay money and extend your miles. If you have no plans to redeem for flights, there are a lot of non-flight redemptions available (Car Rental, Hotel stay, Retail ..)


Etihad Airways

There is no option to pay money and extend you miles. There are many non-flight redemptions that lets you convert Etihad guest miles to cash – PointsPay


Jet Airways

JP Miles are extended from 3 to 5 years when you posses one of the co-branded credit cards.


Japan Airlines

 There is no option to extend miles and the miles can be redeemed for a variety of redemptions.



You can extend the validity of miles if you get Miles & More Premier World MasterCard and make eligible purchase each month.

There are several non flight redemptions available.


Malaysian Airlines

Enrich Miles expiring at the end of the month may be extended till the end of the month in the following year at the cost of MYR 0.02 plus an administrative fee of MYR 40.00 per transaction.  The miles extension feature is only applicable to members within 3 months prior to the expiry date until 7 months after the expiry date. Applicable GST may apply

There are non-flight redemptions available if you have no travel plans in the future. you can buy lounge vouchers and luggage coupons.


Singapore Airlines

KrisFlyer miles can be extended for 6  months by paying 1,200 KrisFlyer miles or $12.

You can use KrisFlyer miles for Award flights, upgrades


United Airlines

You can keep your United Mileage plus active by spending/earning/buying/sharing miles. You can spend on CHASE-United Mileage Plus Credit card to keep the account active.



Every frequent flyer program operates in a different way. you must keep track of your miles expiration and choose a best possible redemption that makes sense for you (It does not need to be flying)

Note that you only need to redeem your miles before they expire, but can be used for travel on a future date and you may book an award ticket for a friend or family member.


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