Wednesday - Jun 03, 2020

AAdvantage Now Charges Less Miles For Cathay Pacific Awards To India

Less than a month ago, AAdvanatge has made several big changes to the award chart. I stated that Middle East/Indian Subcontinent had seen the worst impact. Here is the comparison chart to various regions from India.





Until yesterday, Cathay Pacific awards were priced differently when traveling to Indian subcontinent. You needed 160,000 AA miles for a first class award  ticket to India, 110,000 miles for business and 62,500 miles for economy.



Now, AAdvantage has made a positive change, when traveling on award ticket on Cathay Pacific to India, you would pay the same amount of miles as needed for trans-Atlantic routes.


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This exception is only available if you are traveling on Cathay pacific awards to Indian Subcontinent (Cathay pacific serves the following countries – India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal & Bangladesh)

This is a positive change, now we need only 115,000 AA miles for a first class award to India instead of the the 160,000 AA miles when traveling on Cathay Pacific.

Business class would be 70,000 AA miles instead of the 110,000 AA miles

Economy would be 40,000 AA miles instead of the 70,000 AA miles



AA had made a positive change to the award chart, when traveling to Indian Subcontinent on Cathay Pacific. Now you can travel in business class (70,000 AA miles) for approximately the same amount of AA miles  needed for an economy award as per the old chart (62,500 AA miles)

Note that this does not apply to other pacific partner – Japan Airlines

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