Wednesday - Sep 19, 2018

50,000 Points – American Express Premier Rewards Gold card offer still available

American Express Premier Rewards Gold is now available with a 50,000 Membership rewards signup bonus.  Per American Express rules, you are not eligible for another signup bonus if you already got a signup bonus in the past for the same card.


50,000 points American Express Premier Rewards Gold card offer

50,000 points American Express Premier Rewards Gold card offer


Here is how to get the offer

1. Copy and paste this link in a private browsing session

2. I got the 50,000 points offer loaded on my first try. If you did not get the 50,000 points offer, you should try in different browsers like Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla in private browsing sessions.

3. If it still does not load, clear cookies and try again.



It is possible to get 50,000 points offer for American Express Premier Rewards Gold.  Open the link in private browsing sessions (you may have to try a few times) to get the offer loaded.

Note that this card has an annual fee of $175, but waived for the first membership year.


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