Friday - Apr 19, 2019

$5 Statement Credit Received For An Unused Amex Offer – You May Have Received It Also

While Checking my Amex accounts yesterday, I noticed that there was a statement credit of $5 each on one of my Amex card and another $5 on the authorized user account.



When i clicked on the transaction, I noticed that this statement credit was issued for the Google Play Amex offer from 2015.


I have never used this offer, so I am not sure why the statement credit is issued now.

The key take away here is, it pays to add every Amex offer available, as you could get a pleasant surprise any time. I have received over $200 statement credit for an unused Amex offer in 2014, as Amex could no longer honor the offer.



I have received a $5 surprise credit from American Express for an unused Amex offer  ($5 Statement Credit from Google Play).

I always recommend to add every available Amex offer as you you could get a surprise credit, even though you have not used the offer.


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