Thursday - May 23, 2019

40,000 ThankYou Points for a New Citigold Checking Account

Earlier, we mentioned about the opportunity to earn  30,000 AAdvantage Miles when you open a new Citigold Checking Account.

There is also a different offer, where you could get 40,000 ThankYou points for opening a new Citigold Checking Account.


3 Offers


Here are the details

Promo Code: 4YQY4RMDTT

No Direct deposit required

Citi gold checking account comes with a monthly fee of $30. (Waived for the first 2 months)

Should apply before Sep 30, 2015.

No hard credit Inquiry



Within 60 days after account opening, 1 qualifying bill payment must be posted to the new checking account during a calendar month and during the following calendar month (1 or more qualifying bill payments for 2 consecutive months within 60 days)


Things you should know:

  • 40,000 ThankYou points will post within 90 days from the end of the statement period in which you complete all offer requirements, which means it can be 5 months from the date account is opened.


  • You may end up paying account maintenance fee of $30/month for 3 months ($90 total) before you get the 40,000 ThankYou points. ($400 in gift cards)


  • ThankYou earned from banking products are considered as taxable and cannot be transfer to Citi Transfer partners.


  • It would be better to open this in a branch, as the banker will usually help you with any delay in getting points.




  • I would recommend completing the bill pay as soon as possible. Any payment you do to non-citi bank credit card will count towards bill pay.


  • Citi sends out 1099-MISC if your annual earnings from banking products is over $600. This also includes the monthly ThankYou points you can earn for having a Citigold account.


  • As soon as you complete the requirements, contact the banker who helped you open the account and notify that you finished the requirements.


  • Citi offers a $100 referral bonus for Citi gold accounts. If you know a family member or friend that holds a Citi account, they can get $100 for referring you to open a Citi gold account.


  • Citi also offers ThankYou points for Citi gold accounts, you could earn up to 1600 points per month. Make sure to set up Auto Save and set up a direct deposit if possible.


  • As soon as you get the miles in your account, Call Citi and request a downgrade of your account to Basic Banking (fees can be avoided with a direct deposit)



Through 09/30/2015, Citi is offering 40,000 ThankYou points for signing up a new Citi gold account. Citigold checking account is the premium banking product offered by Citi and comes with several benefits. This promotion equates to $400 in gift cards for $90, which is an excellent value.


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