Thursday - Feb 25, 2021

10,000 Amex Membership Rewards Points For Enrolling in Extended Payment Option – There May Be a Chance Every One Can Sign Up

Amex has sent an email to select American Express Platinum card holders offering 10,000 membership rewards (MR) points for enrolling in Extended Payment option.


Extended Pay

Platinum card is a charge card, which means you have to pay your entire balance before the due date. With the extended payment option, you could carry balance at a huge interest.

Here are the offer details of the offer. You need to enroll before Aug 15, 2016 to get the 10,000 MR points bonus.




We have 2 American express platinum cards in our household, only one account is targeted to receive 10,000 MR points. In the email we received, we saw a foot note with the offer code CAYJ:0005

Foot note

We called Amex with the offer code and enrolled  the other card for  “Extended payment option”.  The account is immediately approved and we were told that 10,000 MR points will be awarded in 6-8 weeks.

I am not sure if that will work or not, but I will update as soon as I see the points posted to my account, so you could also call and enroll via phone to get the 10,000 MR points.



You can get 10,000 MR points for enrolling your Amex platinum charge card  towards “Extended Payment option

This is a targeted offer, but you could still get the enrollment by calling Amex and enrolling using the offer code CAYJ:0005

I will provide an update as soon as I get the points credited to my MR account.


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