Saturday - Aug 17, 2019

$10 Gift Card For Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Red MasterCard Holders [Targeted]

Barclays is sending emails to targeted AAdvantage Aviator card holders offering $10 gift cards. The subject of the email is “Take 10 on us

You have the choice of Amazon, Barnes & Noble & i-Tunes gift card – you can choose one of them before April 16, 2016.



This is a targeted offer and it is highly recommended to check the spam folder as well.

This program is administered on Barclaycard’s behalf by Maritz. If you have a question or need help redeeming, please contact Maritz at



Barclays is sending emails offering $10 gift cards to targeted members  holding the Barclays AAdvanatge Aviator Red MasterCard. Check your email (including spam) with the subject “Take 10 on us


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